Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Diesel Story

This is a film about the quest for a fuel-efficient engine. It covers the steam engine, coal gas engine, the hot-bulb oil engine (the so called semi-diesel engine that was discussed here), the gasoline engine, and finally the modern high compression diesel engine and the high-pressure fuel injection system that makes it work.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Six Supplements You’ll Need To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

by Sean Covell

This country is not truly free so I have to make this disclaimer: The following statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Do not mistake this article for medical advice. We recommend you do your own research and speak with a doctor you trust before beginning any supplement regimen. So the zombie apocalypse is here and you need to survive. You’re a health-minded person who has been prepping for anything by eating healthy and working out. However, now that zombies have ravaged the landscape and you’re holed up in your fortress, you’ll need supplementation to ensure that you can look as good as Charlton Heston in Omega Man or Will Smith in I am Legend. But with limited supplies, what supplements should you be concerned with taking? The following is a list of six supplements that will help you stay alert and healthy while you fight off blood-sucking zombies.

 Vitamin C: Sure, fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of ascorbic acid, but zombies have burned most of the crop and fruits are hard to keep fresh. Do you really want to try and fight off zombies if you have scurvy? I didn’t think so. Besides, Vitamin C is one supplement that is cheap, you can stockpile, and there are so many benefits. From being one of the most potent antioxidants, to regulating your body’s immune system to help prevent cancers and other terrible diseases, Vitamin C is something that should be in your zombie supplement arsenal for sure. How much?: The North American Dietary Reference Intake’s recommendations of 90mg a day are quite low according to so many doctors and health experts. Anywhere from 500mg to 3000mg is recommended depending on your needs. Do your own research on a dosage that you can tolerate. Over 2,000mg daily could result in some side effects, so scale back if this happens.

Vitamin D3: Okay, we’re assuming that you’ll be able to go out during the day and get some sunlight. But what if you live in England, Washington state or some other cloud covered, colder than a freezer climate? Worse, what if we’ve been wrong all along and zombies are not nocturnal, meaning the only time you’re able to get out is at night while the man-eaters are sleeping. Well, you’re going to need to supplement with Vitamin D. This little wonder is so vital for your body in so many ways. It helps your body use calcium from the diet, prevents rickets, decreases the risk of varying diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and asthma. It can also lead to an improvement in cognitive function. Remember, the key to fighting off zombies is to be strong and levelheaded. This is why Vitamin D is so important. It’s worth noting that many people today are not getting optimal levels of Vitamin D. This is truly tragic and preventable. How much?: 600 IU minimum per day. The safe upper limit is nearly 4,000 IU daily. If you’re feeling tired, sick and worn out, bumping up the Vitamin D may be the answer.

 Digestive Enzymes: Food is scarce and often rancid. Although you’d like to stay on a high vegetable, low grain diet, the only food around is an old box of Twinkies. There’s also a shady looking dead rabbit you could consume. How is your digestive tract going to handle this bomb? Enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts to chemical reactions, helping your body benefit by turning food into something that can be absorbed and sustain life. Look for a product that has components to break down fats, proteins and starches. A product that has included Bromelain and Turmeric is an added bonus as it could reduce inflammation in the body. The key to survival during the zombie apocalypse is to be adaptable. You must adapt or die. Digestive enzymes will help your body adapt to your new diet. How much?: Take enzymes with every meal. Some experts recommend taking enzymes between meals to increase food utilization. The dose will really depend on the product. Look for a high quality product and do your own research on what enzymes you may need to supplement.

N-Acetylcytseine (NAC): Zombies have killed everything you love and care about. You’re probably coping by breaking into the stockpile of liquor that you have. That’s fine, but remember that the key to survival is to stay healthy. There are many problems with alcohol: one being that it can turn your liver into Swiss cheese. The answer? Moderation is clearly the answer, but NAC will help your liver recover from the abuse given to it by Uncle Jack and his brother Jim. NAC is used for many reasons in the health industry to protect the liver, kidneys and other organs from toxicity from alcohol, acetaminophen and sickness. NAC has many other uses as well. New studies are even showing a benefit of NAC supplementation for children with autism. If you have an afternoon free, I strongly suggest researching all the benefits of N- Acetylcysteine. How much?: 200mg daily should suffice. NAC is very potent and low doses have shown to be effective.

High Quality Protein: Some people may be shocked by this choice, but I have to assume you never believed the apocalypse was coming. Therefore, you probably don’t have a rifle, shotgun, or crossbow capable of killing large or small game. You probably also don’t know jack about gardening, so you are going to struggle finding enough quality vegetable or animal protein to sustain your body. Protein shakes are a very practical and cost-effective solution to this problem. A tub of protein will ensure you get enough protein to sustain life for nearly a month while you figure out how to hunt. I’m not going to get too picky with the selection of the protein you get. Just make sure it doesn’t have synthetic Vitamin E or any other possible problematic ingredient. If you’re lactose intolerant, make sure the protein is mostly lactose free. Whey protein hydrosylate and isolate supplements are nearly all lactose free. If you can’t tolerate any milk related products, there are great vegetable protein powders out there. Additionally, there are many naturally flavored products out there for those who don’t want Splenda or artificial sweeteners in their powders. How much?: You don’t need a crazy amount of protein to survive, but you’ll need enough to sustain your energy needs. 50 grams of protein a day is enough to get by. If this is your only protein source, you may need more. This may mean 1 or 2 shakes a day. Take your digestive enzymes with the shake to get additional absorption.

L Carnitine- Preferably Acetyl L-Carnitine. Last night a zombie tried to eat off your face so you need something to help your body produce energy. Acetyl L-Carnitine is your friend during this zombie takeover. It works by helping your body to promote energy production. Acetyl L- Carnitine also acts like an antioxidant, protecting your body from the rigors of living during the end times. Studies have linked low Carnitine levels to erectile dysfunction and infertility. This is important because you may be called on to re-populate Earth after the scourge of the zombie is defeated. Again, you need to be mentally aware to stay alive and Acetyl L-Carnitine has been used to raise cognitive function. How much?: 500 mg twice daily.

So now you are prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You know what supplements may help you survive and maintain a level head. Alright, there may not be an inevitable zombie takeover, but there are certainly rough times ahead for all of us, especially those liberty-minded people who care about nutritional supplements. For supplements, the apocalypse may be closer than many think. Government agencies and Big Pharma are working closely to prevent you from taking control over your own health. These are perhaps the true zombies. As you can tell by the disclaimer at the beginning of this article, the government has scared liberty-minded people to the point where truthful health statements are often followed by a disclaimer because a government "zombie" has not given their blessing. Free speech and liberty is truly under attack by zombies. They may not be the undead, but they are truly the unwise and they’re trying to make you the un-free.

June 7, 2012

Sean Covell [send him mail] is a certified personal trainer and owner of Liberty Labs Nutrition and Fitness System health club chain. He is an ardent supporter of liberty, Austrian economics and freedom for personal choice in health and supplementation. Visit his website.

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