Friday, November 9, 2007

Eveready Bunny generator

Comments found online about these generators:

"Does Detroit Diesel still make the 2-71 engine? I've found some nifty looking generators using this engine, and was wondering if it was a reliable engine? Is it noisy? Thanks."

"The old 2 popper is still running and they will outlast anything made today. The parts are available not the engine. Cylinder heads I have heard are available only via welding shops. They run at 1200 or 1800. Most I have worked on ran at 1200. All were trailer mounted, they just kept running and running. These make the bunny look sick."

"We had 2 2-71 20kw gen on a barge I worked on. Ran 24/7 for years that's right like 20 years. Needed injectors and such but very reliable, the 1200rpm ones are great, pretty quiet also. Just DO NOT over heat them, you need a head gasket after that."

"American Crystal Sugar in Morrhead, Mn has been running a 6-71
continuously since 1959 to run a pump in the rendering process for sugar beets.
It gets shut down once a month for service and is back online within
30 minutes."

Now THAT'S what I call longevity!

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