Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Ten Reasons the 2-71 Detroit Diesel makes the Best Homestead Generator

1. Nobody is gonna steal it; it weighs over a ton!

2. Simple design, easy to work on.

3. Built-in shutoff system for overheating, low oil pressure, etc.

4. Proven to run 24/7 for years with only monthly oil and filter changes.

5.Can be rebuilt in an hour or two, if you live long enough to wear one out!

6. All parts are available, and probably will be for the foreseeable future.

7. No expensive high-pressure injection pump.

8. Pump and injector design well-suited for running on unprocessed WVO (waste vegetable oil), as well as its own recycled lube oil.

9. Lots of them are available right now, because the railroads and telcos are replacing them.

10. Has enough power to run big welders, air compressors and other shop equipment, not to mention air conditioners for those hot summers (and soon, winters if you believe Al Gore!).

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