Thursday, July 2, 2009

Write Your Own Book: Free Download

Have you ever thought about writing a book?
I remember when publishing a book required dealing with a publishing company. Printing books was expensive, and someone had to believe in a book's ability to generate mass sales, or it just wouldn't get published. Sure, you could pay for your own book to be printed, but it cost thousands of dollars, and then you had to figure some way to promote it. Some people did this, but the vast majority of such books never came close to paying for themselves, much less making a profit.

That is what makes the Internet so wonderful. Not only does blogging software enable me to write my comments and articles and have them read by thousands of people, another type of software called pdf (Portable Document Format) allows me to choose selected articles and compile them into a paperless book about whatever subject I choose, including photos, graphs, text, and anything else you can find in a book. Because I don't have to pay for printing, it is finally financially possible to create any book I wish, and either sell it for a small profit, or even give it away if I wish. And because photo-quality printers are now cheap enough for anyone to own one, I can download a cheap or free book in this format, and print a physical copy of it. Or better yet, if I have an eBook reader like a Kindle, I can just download to it and take it with me just like a paper book, except that I can probably carry every book I have ever read in a package the size of a single paperback!

Likewise, if you are an amateur poet, for example, and have a collection of stuff you have written, it would be simple to compile all of it into an electronic book that you can store on your hard drive, a cd, or a memory card, as a single file. Then you could share it with friends, via email. Or you could even sell it for a small (or large, who knows?) income.

Think about it! These days, it is easy to create your own book, and once you create it, it is easy to put it up for sale on Amazon, the largest "bookstore" in the world!

C'mon, try it! To get you started, here is a free download of a pdf compiler. Click Here!

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