Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

There is a popular book out now, called something like "The Dangerous Book for Boys". The title appealed to me, so I was planning to buy it. But when I got a chance to flip through its pages, I decided it probably didn't live up to its billing.

Now this book is a different story. I actually remember it from when I was a kid, although I had forgotten about it. One of the best basic chemistry textbooks in that it has a hands-on approach and doesn't skirt around stuff some would prefer we (and especially children) didn't know how to do, only 126 copies exist in libraries worldwide because the knowledge contained herein has been deemed "too dangerous for public consumption". Enjoy.

the golden book of chemistry experiments -robert brent


Rod Freeman said...

Wow! Amazing find... Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Gone. Deleted by user. Maybe after intimidation as to the error of his ways.