Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dolly Freed Interview

Dolly is the author of the book "Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job And With (Almost) No Money", on which this site is based. The video is in three parts; parts 2 and 3 are linked at the end of this first part.


Mockum said...

Thanks for the links to the videos. I am surprised I have never heard of this book. I see a new revision is being released. For a preview, here's a link to an electronic copy:

Rod Freeman said...

It looks like this book isn't released yet... I'm looking forward to reading it when it is released!

What an interesting video. Very thought provoking. Thanks for the post.

Bullseye said...

Tracy, man I watched all 3 vids..I love it !! This is an inspiration to all. Thanks friend, I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I think Possum Living should be read by anyone wanting a fresh perspective on making the right choices in life. I am impressed by the insight Dolly Freed had at such a young age. I have read most of the book and have shared it with 3 relatives and told many friends.
The video is fascinating and I look forward to more information and ideas.
School Habitat Buddy

Anonymous said...

“I was very interested in reading this book because I’ve been working on growing as much of my own food as possible, and who wouldn’t like to live more independently of the economy? I saw it was highly praised here and elsewhere and was happy to find a copy of it. Ha. This book makes you realize that the reason why SOME folk want to live outside of the economy is because they are criminals. For instance, you’re advised that to deal with sticky legal matters, you go to the house of the lawyer or opponent in question late at night and cut the phone lines or put a brick through the window or poison the dog. Make sure to walk there. And this is discussed like it is something adorable and just so good-old-fashioned self-reliant when in fact it is absolutely insane and a good way to end up either shot or in the penitentiary. But it makes total sense when you put it together with the fact that one of the highest priorities of this author and her father is to have plenty of high-proof liquor on hand which they produce themselves from a homemade still. I don’t know–when you think of living independently of society, does a still come right to mind? Shoot. If you want a life like this, you can become a bum and go live in a tent in a hobo jungle for a lot less trouble, and you will find many like-minded people who consider drinking and violence and eating carp to be a good way to spend their lives. If you are instead interested in becoming independent ofthe economy , there are many other books that will help you do it. This ain’t it. All this book does is make you glad you don’t live next door to these folk.”

Tracy said...

Yeah, how about we just demand that the government ban this book because there are sure to be some people who aren't capable of understanding a tongue-in-cheek reference, and can't be trusted with all this free speech stuff.

Way to miss the whole point of the book. I find it interesting that you chose to post this comment anonymously.

Unknown said...

Great Interview! It would be impossible to accuse Dolly of having a boring life, wouldn't it? I read the book some years ago. Mother Earn News had an excerpt from the 2010 reissue. I can't wait to see what she has been up to since she wrote the book. Certainly,the times have changed so drastically that everybody should be questioning "working harder and harder for less and less." Most of us who are drawn to the book are non-comformists and free-thinkers, an essential characteristic of "Possum Living."

Thanks for posting the interviews!