Thursday, March 11, 2010

TOZ-63 Russian Double Barrel Shotgun

This is an old (relatively; production began in 1964 and I'm not sure when they stopped making them) Tula TOZ-63 double barrel shotgun. These were made in 16 and 20 gauge. This one is a 16. I have never seen a 20 gauge version.

These Tula shotguns have nothing to do with the common Baikal double barrel shotguns that are produced by Izhevsk. The Tula is a true side-lock gun with a Greener type crossbolt rather than the cheaper-to-produce boxlock of the Baikal, and it is of substantially higher quality than the Baikal. Not that the Baikal is not a functional shotgun, but if you see one of these Tulas for sale, I recommend grabbing it, as it makes a wonderful homestead gun for hunting, varmint control, and even defense.

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