Friday, February 4, 2011

1911 .45 Carbine Conversion

I have looked at these, and considered buying one. It would allow me to convert my 1911 back and forth between a pistol and a carbine. .45 Auto is cheap to reload, especially with home-cast bullets (which is the way I do it; no expensive jacketed bullets for me when they aren't necessary). It also offers a reasonable power level, and heavy bullets at subsonic velocities probably offers about the best combination of usable power with low noise without doing the whole registered suppressor thing and all that entails.

Besides all that, the narration cracked me up.

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Anonymous said...

I've considered purchasing one for my G21 Glock as well, but have concluded for the size, a folding stock AK would probably cost the same and have greater use. Might also check into the Hi-Point .45acp carbine, they are uglier than a bucketfull of rattlesnakes, but have a reputation for working pretty well. My 9 parabellum version is not an exception.