Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New Generator Gets Put To The Test

This is the same engine as in some of my other videos. I have installed it in my older generator, the original engine of which needs to be overhauled.
Earlier in the day in which I shot this video, a storm came though and my electricity went off. I didn't have a proper fuel tank nor cooling system on the generator, so I scrounged a fuel tank from a riding mower, connected the generator to the house wiring (after shutting off the main breaker, of course), and used my cordless drill to bore some holes in this aluminum cookpot. I bolted the pot to the engine as a cooling hopper, filled it with water, and started the generator.
It powered my lights, two air conditioners, TV and satellite receiver for several hours. I had to check and top off the water in the hopper about every 15 minutes.
I had the breaker for the 4,500 watt water heater off most of the time, but at one point I took a shower and then shut down one of the air conditioners, switched on the breaker for the water heater, and let it run for a full cycle so I would continue to have hot water.

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