Monday, August 15, 2011

The Left-Right Paradigm

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz and seemingly nearly everyone else is pushing Rick Perry as the Republican candidate for the 2012 election. Here is a 2010 video by Alex Jones, explaining why he is not part of the paradigm those commentators belong to.
Although he doesn't mention it in this video, Alex Jones has been warning us for four years (since before the 2008 Presidential campaign) that Rick Perry is being groomed to run in the 2012 election. In May, 2011 Perry made a big show of telling everyone who would listen that he was not going to run for President. Alex Jones, who lives in Austin, Texas, has been telling us two things: that Perry is going to run, and that he would be a terrible choice. He has been proven correct on the first point. I think he's right on the second, too.

Obama beat McCain and Palin in 2008, in spite of Republican fears of Obama's agenda. Do the Republicans really believe that running another typical, mainstream Bush clone is the answer? Isn't it finally time to give Ron Paul a chance? The Republicans claim Ron Paul isn't electable. They are wrong, for a simple reason: If Ron Paul is on the general ballot, most if not all Republicans will vote for him regardless of what they think of him; as a vote against a second Obama term if nothing else. But a lot of other people will also vote for him, who would not vote for a Rick Perry or a Mitt Romney if you held a gun to their heads. For example, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party would get practically no votes, because nearly every one of their members would vote for Ron Paul. In fact, if Paul is on the ballot, I would not be surprised if the Libertarian and Constitution Parties did not even field a candidate, and instead endorsed Ron Paul. Furthermore, if Ron Paul is on the general ballot, a lot of Democrats would even support him.
For those reasons, I really don't think Obama would have a chance against Ron Paul. On the other hand, if the Republicans field another of their typical candidates, it is going to be another close race.

Here's another thing to consider: Ron Paul is quitting his post in Congress to concentrate on his Presidential campaign. He has also announced that he is changing his tactics this time around. Translated: he is going all-in. The Republicans who believe a vote for Paul is a wasted vote should think about that for a moment. Here is my prediction: if Ron Paul does not win the Republican nomination, he will do things a bit differently this time and run under one of the third parties. Don't you Republicans think you might just lose some votes if that happens?

Look at it this way, Republican voters: voting for Ron Paul in your state's primary cannot possibly cause your party to lose the general election. If you vote for him and he doesn't win, whoever does win will be the strongest Republican candidate available, and you haven't lost anything.


Rod Smith said...


I agree with your analysis 100% but I think theres about a 2% chance that Ron Paul will actually be the nominee. US politics follows the media (conservative radio, liberal TV) and neither of them promote Paul. If Limbaugh or Beck AND MSNBC got behind Paul... that's different. But I fear it will never happen.

As a Canadian I have only a cursory interest in the American political machine. It became clear to me a few years back that only total economic collapse with cause the American public to wake up.

Rod Smith

Nan said...

Ron Paul doesn't have a chance as long as the main stream media persist in marginalizing him. He placed second in the Iowa straw poll, and it was like a nonevent as far as the pundits were concerned.

Tracy said...

Yeah, a very close second, even after Bachman bought 4,000 of her own votes.

Tracy said...

I think you're right, Rod. I don't expect very many people to listen to me or anyone else who is not part of the MSM. I'm doing my best to add to the alternative view, though. Fortunately, most of the regular visitors to this site are intelligent people like you and Nan, who can think for themselves.

Nan said...

The biggest problem with Ron Paul is he has the nerve to actually say what he's thinking and believes -- he won't pander to either the voters or the media. He has this bad habit of being bluntly honest, and that scares the heck out of the political establishment.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but in my humble opinion most repubs and dems would vote for a monkey if he was the parties choice. I think Ron Paul would make a fine president but he doesn't stand a chance. I will vote for him anyway if given the opportunity. I am registered non partisan. I think the candidates the green party and the libertarians run are just watered down repubs and dems.

here's a thought. Vote for the new guy running and get rid of all the oldtimers. At least shake things up a little.

Urbivalist Dan said...

Thanks for posting.

I like the "vote for him anyway" sentiment. That's where I am too!

Spread the word, and see what happens.