Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY Dryer Repair

This is a series of videos detailing, step by step, how to fix any problem your Whirlpool heavy-duty dryer may develop. The video producer is an appliance repairman by trade, and he says this is probably the best and most common dryer on the market, having been produced with no major changes for over 30 years.
What he says appears to be true. My dryer is actually labeled a Kenmore, sold by Sears. I looked up the model number and found that the 110 prefix denotes Whirlpool as the manufacturer. Mine was made in 1986. I replaced the heating element 12-14 years ago. Last week it started making a rumbling noise, so I looked around for a replacement. I found several locally on Craigslist, and the most common by far were Kenmores and Whirlpools that look identical to mine. I found that interesting, and an idea began to form.
I read an article once in the short-lived Practical Survival magazine about buying used commercial washers and dryers. When this dryer started making noise, I remembered that article and decided to see what I could find. Looking at prices on ebay quickly made me take another look at the old Whirlpool. The fact that there are so many functional used Whirlpools out there is an indication that it is a good design. Also, there is a ready supply of new and used parts.
As this video series shows, these dryers are simple to work on. I'm keeping mine.
Here's a link to a replacement belt for these dryers. If you have a dryer like this, you will eventually need this belt:

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