Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bluebird Bus Conversion

This is my Bluebird TC2000 bus conversion RV, popularly known by those who camp in them as a "Skoolie." It has a Cummins 6BT diesel engine and an Allison MT543 automatic transmission. A Skoolie is a good choice for a large RV because it has the frame and running gear of a logging truck and the body is designed to stand up to a rollover. This makes it a safer and more robust vehicle than the typical Class A RV. I also like the fact that I can put my motorcycle right in the back of it; no trailer required. I no longer have the slide-in camper. It had to go to make room for this skoolie.


Nan said...

So when can we expect to see it coming up our driveway?

Tracy said...

When we are able to take enough time off to make a trip to the UP at 10 MPG worthwhile! Although I must admit, the other RV we drove up there got 8 MPG on a good day.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Yes, school buses are built with very good structural properties to minimize damage to the 'cargo'. I look at those short buses and think - there goes a great camping vehicle.

Thanks for the video.