Friday, October 26, 2007

Airstream Travel Trailers are Sleek and Retro! by Mike Schantz

Airstream Travel Trailers can definitely be considered as Americana. These crowd pleasers have been around for nearly eighty years. They are distinctly recognizable with their symmetrical design and shiny aluminum exterior. The Airsteam Trailer Company has a slogan: "See more. Do more. Live more." This message has been the inspiration for generations of trailer happy trekkers.

Airstream Trailers were founders of the travel trailer business. They've never let their status as the first and most economical travel trailer available to lull them into a false sense of security. They have diligently worked to stay on the forefront of the travel trailer industry. Airstream Travel Trailers continues to produce the lines of trailers that will fit into any budget, and satisfy any taste. Anytime, anyplace, these trailers continuously live up to the company's assertion that "The next best thing to an Airstream Travel Trailer is another Airstream." It appears to be a very good point!

Consider the quality of the construction that is put into every Airstreamer. It doesn't matter whether you are considering the most expensive trailer on the lot, or the least expensive trailer on the lot, you can always be sure that any Airstream trailer was built on a solid foundation, with a unique body design, and equipped with specially engineered running gear. Not to mention, amenities are available throughout the entire product line! This means that all Airstream trailers are entirely self-sufficient and are fitted with any conveniences that you'll require for travel. This includes water and sewer hook-ups. Your Airstream choices are virtually endless!

Airstream offers its customers four lines (some with different models) to choose from. The most affordable is the BaseCamp Travel Trailer. It can be recognized as a light-weight, versatile, tent-trailer. It gives you the comfort of an RV crossed with the convenience of car-camping.

Another extremely popular model is known as the Safari Travel Trailer. More of this type of travel trailer have been sold than any other model. They are a famous highway icon, that is terrifically suited for the small family of travelers.

If you require a little more room, you should consider the Airstream Trailer lines, International and Classic. These Airstream Travel Trailers will make you feel right at home with their spacious interiors and comfort exuding amenities. It's not a joke!

Look no further for the durability kings, as Airstream Travel Trailers are really hard to conquer. Just think, more than two thirds of the Airstream Travel Trailers built since the 1930's are still in use today. Talk about lasting a lifetime! Your Airstream Travel Trailer will be an investment that you can someday pass on to you children. Now, that's impressive! If you have caught the traveling bug, purchasing an Airstream just might be your best cure!

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About the Author

Mike Schantz is an active partner in 2 different trailer companies for more than 20 years. His position has centered around the design and engineering of all types of trailers, but he has also dabbled in sales, marketing and even customer service. For more information about him or trailers in general please visit

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