Sunday, October 7, 2007

Terlingua Time

I just found this on another blog. It is a good read and has some awesome pics, to boot!

"We are finally on Terlingua time I was told yesterday, arriving a couple days late at my friend’s Paul and Voni’s house to visit for a few minutes on our way back from Alpine. That is a good sign! We fall into that space invariably as we settle in one area, but it seems that as we move, for some reason or another, the reality of a man (or woman) made time unit seems to surface a bit. Even this Blog seems not to be in a chronological order today, we continue to explore the area… but do I really need to write it all down in the order it happens?" Read more

Speaking of Terlingua time, I am planning another trip there, and other places, very soon. I don't plan to be there for the chili cook-off, but I will just miss it.

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