Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Engineer Discusses Electric Cars

More by Morris Rosenthal. In this post, he has this to say:
"There are dozens of good commercial and government applications for electrical vehicles, and some of them even make economic sense:-) The truth about battery powered electric cars for private ownership is that without a major and unexpected breakthrough in battery technology they will never be more than urban, short-haul vehicles."

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Note the use of the term "major and UNEXPECTED breakthrough". That means that, in his opinion, we are not on the brink of such a breakthrough. This is from an electrical engineer who specializes in battery technology. And as I have pointed out in previous posts, current battery technology is at most, 66% efficient. That is just for the recharge cycle, and does not take into account other inefficiencies in the total system. New super capacitors may help some in that regard, but whether they will ever be able to truly replace batteries remains to be seen.

I cannot adequately express how much I disagree with what Mr. Rosenthal is advocating here, but I had to post this link because he knows what he is talking about on the practical aspects of EVs, and he tells the unalloyed truth about it.

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