Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Surviving in Argentina

In 1999, Argentina's economy collapsed. The worst of it lasted until 2002 and the crisis was supposedly over by 2005, but it's still bad there.
A man who calls himself "Ferfal" has become fairly well-known by writing about what it is like to be living in Argentina. He was there when things first got bad, and remains to this day.
A few years ago while the worst was still going on, Ferfal was a member of a forum that I also frequented. He would check in once in awhile and upload a lengthy post detailing events in his area, what his life was like, and his thoughts in general. Lots of folks on the forum would ask him questions, which he would field the next time he was able to get online.
Eventually, Ferfal disappeared from the forum, and I didn't hear anything about him for a couple of years.
Today, I happened upon an interesting blog. Ferfal's blog. It's worth reading, so in addition to linking to it here, I have added it to my link list on the sidebar.

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