Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to "Drive" the AR-15 Rifle

Cute girl demonstrates operation of the AR-15; the basic American rifle for plinking, varmint shooting, target shooting, civilian marksmanship, homeland defense, and home defense.The most modular and customizable rifle in existence. This rifle is specifically what the Second Amendment is about, and we should all own one or at least know how to use it. The civilian AR-15 is semi-automatic only, and a select-fire (full automatic) version called the M16 or, in the newest carbine version, M4, is used by most free-world military forces, including the US and Canada.
Instructional video by Cavalry Arms, manufacturer of a one-piece molded polymer lower receiver including built-in pistol grip and buttstock, to accept standard AR-15 upper receivers and fire control parts.
Standard AR-15 lowers are aluminum and accept removable pistol grip and buttstock.

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A hot chick with a gun, who could ask for more. haha!!!