Monday, July 7, 2008

Understanding Inflation

Age of Inflation, by Hans F. Sennholz is an enlightening and sobering analysis of the history and theory of inflation in the twentieth century. Written from the perspective of the Austrian School of Economics, the book recounts the German experience with inflation and price controls from World War I to the end of World War II. It deftly exposes the errors of the monetarists and their faith in political money, and examines the policies and consequences of the Federal Reserve System, offering recommendations for restoring a sound monetary system.

"Sound money and free banking are not impossible; they are merely illegal." Money and Freedom is a clear statement for unregulated money and banking, and the abolition of legal tender laws. It details how politicians systematically use the legal tender system for their own benefit and for the detriment of their fellow men. Money and Freedom analyzes contemporary monetary doctrines and how they fall short of the mark in correcting the evils perpetrated by legal tender laws.

Inflation, or Gold Standard? strikes at the heart of what inflation is, how it comes into being, the political forces broadening its influence, and the excuses made by governments for perpetuating it. Sennholz then contrasts fiat currencies with the gold standard, freedom of monetary choice, and a standard without government. In the end, he advocates a return to the gold standard for the health and well-being of the economy and the people.

Under the Shadow of Inflationomics is a compilation of works by Dr. Hans F. Sennholz, and Robert Jackson Smith. Each of these authors takes aim at inflation from his own unique viewpoint, finding the point where inflation meets economics. With inflationomics firmly in their crosshairs, their politically incorrect analyses show who's to blame, why they won't change, and point to the coming consequences.

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