Friday, August 29, 2008

Update on the Palm Treo

I received my Palm Treo pda/smartphone, which I posted about here a few days ago. I bought it on Ebay so I could have a mobile internet connection. I had an existing simcard from my other phone, so I swapped it out and was good to go.
So how does it work? A picture speaks volumes. The great thing is, not only can I surf the web with it directly, but I can also plug my laptop into it and use it as a wireless modem, when I'm out of range of wifi but within range of a cell tower. Like, say, at Terlingua.
If you are looking for an RV internet connection, this is a good way to get it.


Simply What Matters said...

Very nice! Excellent secondary option to be able to use it as a modem also. Congrats!

Blessings for Your Journeys, Brenda

Nan said...

I kind of like the idea of being truly off the grid when I'm off the grid -- I tend to view cellphones, pdas, etc., as more of a nuisance than a convenience on those occasions when I manage to escape to the country.

So how is the cell phone coverage out in the middle of nowhere in Texas?

Tracy said...

It's not a problem there; spotty but there are lots of areas with full-scale signals. My other place though, has no coverage at all. Fortunately, the Treo has an antenna port; and I plan to build a directional Yagi antenna, then search the hillsides for a "sweet spot" to aim it at.