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Enjoy Life in a Down Economy

How to Enjoy Life in a Bad Economy

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Living in a bad economy can be hard to do, but there really are a lot of possibilities to have a happy and enjoyable life. Friends, family and fun activities can bring lots of joy!


  1. If you have lived in a bad economy for a while, and can't enjoy life, get familiar with your possibilities. Check out your area, find things that motivate you, look for things to do constantly.
  2. Obtain a camera, and take photos, this is a great way to make dull surroundings interesting again. Use photo manipulation to emphasize the parts that contain the base emotion of the picture. Like loneliness in an abandoned house. Creativity is a great way to enjoy yourself.
  3. Meet people! Having a good conversation with friends is always great fun. You don't need money for that.
  4. Go hiking! Nature is full of change and energy, and in many cases, it's inexpensive or free. Take friends and your camera for the best experience. Go swimming and fishing. Climb trees. Make a swamp bed, or a fort. After observing restrictions, make a campfire and roast marshmallows or the fish you caught over the fire. If you have a tent or even just sleeping bags, camp out (or sleep in the car). If you have access to a water source, purify your own water. Go foraging or hunting, if you know how (this is not the time to experiment) or bring canned and dried food with you.
  5. Having an Internet connection is a good way to do or set up any kind of activities that involve creativity or just plain fun.
  6. Reading, going to a movie theater, taking a walk in the park, stargazing at night, having a snowball fight, fishing, pottery can all be great fun. You really don't need a lot of money for those.
  7. Having a long-term relationship is a good way to bring joy to your life! And if you live together, you could make double the money, so paying the bills will be much easier.
  8. If you celebrate christmas, making ornaments yourself can be much fun for weeks! You can make decorations for any occasions, or even seasons. Making presents by hand will make others happy too.
  9. Don't use gas, water or electricity when you don't need it. This will save money. Or just get off the grid, you'll help to save your environment this way too.
  10. Start a community activity. Countries with bad economies often don't utilize environmentally friendly ideas. Recycle your garbage, get together with your neighbors and clean your immediate area. Doing something good is always fun!
  11. Many activities don't require having a lot of money. Money isn't what people are looking for anyway. Everyone is looking for ways to enjoy their life. Some have bigger perspectives others don't. Having bigger goals in life often require having more money, but it depends on you to achieve your goal not your countries economy.
  12. If you're not satisfied with the state of your countries economy, consider moving somewhere else. Countries are not physical boundaries, they should not contain you. We all are at home here on the whole planet.
  13. If you've lived in a country that has better economy than the one you are living in right now, you must find a way to accept the change. Spending money can be enjoyable, but there are so many things you can do without having a lot. You can always try to work your way out of a bad economy anyway, make enough money to move to another country and start a life there. It's never too late to change.
  14. Bring music into your daily life. For many people around the world who struggle with a bad economy every day, song and dance provide a way to come together and have fun without spending anything. If you don't have the means to play music or instruments, you can make your own! Learn to sing and beatbox. Any flat surface can become a drum. You can even make a rubber band guitar from a cardboard box! If you're not musically inclined, now is a great time to learn. Get some family and friends together, and start making music. Sing and dance along. Learn some new songs and dance moves together. Get everyone involved.
  15. Make a new hobby out of old skills. What did people do before they had electricity, running water, and even houses? How did they live? What did they eat? How did they spend their days? People are remarkably adaptive. Research your local history and ask: What were people doing 50 years ago? 100 years ago? 1000 years ago? Try to replicate some aspects of their lifestyle--odds are, it won't cost you a dime, and you'll gain valuable insights into people of the past. Share these interests with your family and friends; kids are especially curious about low-tech, do-it-yourself projects.

  16. Ponder life. During hard times is when many people explore their spirituality; some people renew it, some people refine it, and some people change their views altogether. Whatever is your journey, take the time to dwell on your purpose in life, and be thankful for what you have. Pray, meditate, or do whatever it takes to remind yourself that you're lucky to be alive. Live in the moment.


  • If you don't have much to spend, plan your monthly expenses. Save money every month if you can, it can be useful later.
  • Living in a bad economy does not mean you'll have to stay there forever, plan your migration to another country, or area and get moving!
  • Having little money means you'll value everything you buy even more than others! When you can finally afford something, it will make you proud of yourself.
  • You can always sell items you don't need anymore. Money can be recycled too!
  • If you choose to stay in a bad economy don't think about how others live in better economies. Try to enjoy yourself with what you have!
  • Save money for an emergency.Clarify with yourself and your family what you financially need.


  • Don't spend more than you make.There is no point of making your life even more difficult and stressful.

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