Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winter Vandwelling

Recently, I wrote a short blurb about Falia Photography Travel Journal, a blog by a courageous woman who sold her house and is now vandwelling, living in her Volkswagen van. This is not something she was forced into, it was a conscious decision to simplify her life, see the world and have some adventures while she is young.
At the time, The Traveler as she calls herself, was still remaining near her home in Michigan, living in her van and visiting friends. Now she and her partner Dan have made the break and headed out on the road, looking for adventure, prospecting opportunities and warmer weather.
Believe me, it takes guts to do that. Vandwelling is one thing when you are near friends and family to fall back on when you need a hot meal, a warm bed for the night or just psychological support; and quite another when you are in unfamiliar surroundings and hundreds or thousands of miles from home. She is counting on us, her online friends for support, tips on good places to visit, and perhaps even a place to park her van for a night or two.
So check out her site, and while you are there, perhaps buy some products or just donate a few bucks for a hot meal.
Oh, and leave comments on her posts, so she knows we're here.


The Three Little Bears said...

I just recently wrote an ehow article on how to do this. My husband and I spent one summer "boatdwelling" I guess you would call it. It was wonderful and we hope to do again someday...

Tracy said...

That's a great article; very well done. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing it!