Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finding Small Diesel Engines

One of my hobbies is tinkering with diesel engines (and making my own biodiesel fuel for them), especially small diesel engines. Occasionally someone will ask me where I find these engines. The answer is ebay. Although I really kind of hate ebay and am eagerly waiting for Google or some other more pro-freedom entity to absolutely destroy them (as is bound to happen eventually), for right now it is the best place to find small diesels for your fuel-efficient generator, garden tractor, motorcycle and other projects. So, until they crash and burn, here is a link to the custom search I use to find small diesel engines, new and used.


Rod Freeman said...

Super cool, Possum! Combine one of those little babies with making your own biodiesel, and you could make a generator to power… well, whatever.

Tracy said...

You're absolutely right, Rod. I actually lived offgrid for a few years, and built and used several different generators, both gas and diesel. The diesels are my favorite because they are much more efficient than a gas engine, and depending on which engine you have, you can actually run it on straight, unprocessed waste cooking oil if you pre-heat it.