Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home-built Diesel Generator/Battery Charger

Here is a video of my cobbled-together generator, powering the refrigerator and a few other things during the recent power outage following the tornadoes.
The generator consists of a Chinese clone of the Yanmar L100 10 horsepower air-cooled diesel engine, powering a Delco automotive alternator. When I put this thing together a couple of years ago, I found that the internal regulator had failed. So I bypassed the regulator and used power resistors to manually control the field current and hence output voltage/current.
Sorry for the low quality of the video; at this early stage in the game I was relying on my 2-cell Maglite to light my way to the generator.
The inverter is an old 1500 watt Statpower. This particular inverter is no longer available, but I have added a link to a 2500 watt inverter that has gotten good ratings.

Click here for Part 2.

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