Friday, May 27, 2011

Product Review: SuperbrightLEDs FL-1W-70 Flashlight

I got a new flashlight last week; the FL-1W-70 from is a compact, aluminum-bodied "tactical" light that uses three AAA cells to power a single, high-performance LED. According to the listed specifications, it outputs 100 lumens with a beamspread of 10 degrees and a throw of 100 meters. Input power is specified as 1 watt for a claimed battery life of 180 minutes, presumably with alkaline cells.
This flashlight has a nice,even, black anodized finish. The head has a crenelated bezel, and the body is just the right diameter (1.1 inch) and length (4.8 inches) for a firm grasp if you need to use those serrations to fend off an attacker.
The switch is located in the end cap and is covered with a rubber diaphragm. The end cap is also sealed with an O-ring for weatherproofing.

Overall, this is a really nice little flashlight for daily use. It puts out way more light than those little 9-LED jobs, and more than a 2-cell incandescent Maglite, too. It's not one of those lights that roast your retinas and destroy your night vision if you turn it on indoors, but it does produce enough light to illuminate stuff on the far side of the yard at night. And it is quite affordable. Similar lights at Walmart typically cost as much or more than this light costs including shipping, and then you have to factor in sales tax and your time, if you buy at Walmart. I prefer to buy stuff like this online anyway.

If you have a need for a compact, powerful flashlight that won't break the bank either in initial purchase nor operating costs, check it out here.

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