Monday, November 7, 2011

Why The Government Doesn't Need More Money

With the 2012 election approaching, the issue that is at the forefront of discussion in the campaigns and the national media is, how can the government get more money? They don't ask that question straight out; they use terminology designed to bypass the question of whether it is even in our interest for the government to have more money. These big-government lapdogs always start with a preconceived notion, an underlying premise that you are not supposed to even notice, much less question. Those on the left point fingers at the rich capitalists who control the huge corporations, while neglecting the fact that big government is always in bed with those large corporations, no matter which party controls the White House. Meanwhile, those on the right get behind such things as a "999 plan" which leaves the income tax system in place, reduces the income tax of its supporters while increasing the taxes of a group they hate, and adds the Pandora's box of a national sales tax to further increase revenue.
They are two sides of the same coin. Both sides want to cut spending on projects that benefit groups they oppose and increase taxes for the same and/or other groups they oppose, resulting in a net increase of funding for projects they support. Either way the government gets more money of which it spends small portions on projects designed to appease both sides, and large chunks on furthering the hidden agenda of all governments in human history: totalitarianism. As pointed out on End Of The American Dream, "...the government is watching you more closely than ever, and they are spending billions upon billions of dollars to enhance their surveillance capabilities even further." Read more. Or as David Galland says in The Problem With Seeing Government As God;
"It's like all but the tiniest minority of the world's population have been brainwashed into joining a dangerous cult. A cult whose leaders are unscrupulous about stripping their followers of their wealth, their dignity and their sense of individuality, while rewarding their most ardent supporters with pensions, tax breaks, a leg up over competitors and, if push comes to shove, hard cash in the form of bailouts."

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Leigh said...

I saw this post on someone's blog list and had to come visit. Our government can't manage the money it's got, so what good is more going to do. They always want to cut things that benefit the average taxpayer, but the real cuts should start with a 50% pay decrease for all federally elected officials.