Saturday, March 24, 2012

Safe Rooms for Tornado Protection

This is a FEMA educational film discussing in-home safe rooms as a means of protecting occupants against tornado hazards. It covers factory-built and do-it-yourself safe rooms for both new construction and existing homes. This is a topic that is on a lot of people's minds lately, because of the tornadoes we saw last year and have already seen this year. Living where I do, this subject has always been of concern for me. I witnessed the destruction of the 1974 tornado outbreak and several other tornadoes, and have personally known people who lost their homes and even loved ones to tornadoes; so I do not take this threat lightly.

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Nan said...

Whenever I drive through Missouri or Arkansas, it seems like all the older places have storm shelters in the yard. Then you see the new construction and/or trailers -- all sitting on concrete slabs and with nary a shelter anywhere to be seen. Given that tornadoes happen every year, it floors me that including a storm shelter with every home isn't standard procedure in the states that always get hit the hardest.