Thursday, July 12, 2007

Carl Heald Super Tryke

These folks are having a good time. It doesn't say where they were, just that it was one of their regular family camping trips in the desert.
I remember back in the '70s, these things were advertised in the back of magazines as kits that you assemble. I've only seen one in real life; it was a trike with a flatbed. That would be pretty handy to have for hauling firewood, etc.


Anonymous said...

I just happen to have purchased a supertryke from a friend. It has a sticker on the front fender saying supertryke. However I have nofurther info on these machines. anything you can send me would be helpful.

Thank You

Larry said...

Hi Kenton. I also have a HARELD it is a three wheeler and now has been re-worked it is still the way it was built mine has a long seat and just put a new 16 hp briggs on it the old motor was in very bad shape and beyound repair. but this was a + do to the new exhaust is in the rear and not on the side which as the first owner complained of the hot exhaust near the back of the seat. My Harld will soon be street legal here in Arizona which I had to install a rear foot break, I was able to rebuild the hodrolic rear break calabers which were two on the rear and now a cable pull hand break on the front mine has the fat tires on all three wheels
I have only gone out / down our dirt land and back and I am waiting for my front turn signals
to arrive so I can get the state inspection done any how good luck with yours