Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In "Canada Bound" on Life As I Live It, Squire tells us about picking up a bicyclist from Dallas who is on his way to Canada on a mountain bike, and giving him a ride to the other side of Little Rock. He was riding on I30, both illegal and dangerous as Squire points out, and I30 has no frontage roads through Little Rock.
Man, used to be you could head out on the old US Highways on your bicycle, on foot, or perhaps on your trusty Honda Trail CT90, and see the country at a leisurely pace. On the cheap. Possum style. Anymore, all roads lead to the big cities, and those same US Highways disappear for miles, replaced by whatever Interstate happens to be going the same way. Interstates that ban pedestrians, bicycles, and anything that can't keep up with the hordes of aggressive drivers who will gamble with YOUR life for just one more carlength closer to wherever they're going. Interstates that people in cars die on everyday, nevermind what could happen to those on a bicycle or a 50 mph small motorcycle.
Things are better these days, in some ways. Worse in others.


squire said...

I have a Trail90 that needs restoring. I will get around to it one of these days. Great looking bike but needs engine work.

Tracy said...

I would like to have one. Seems like the perfect bike to bring along on my motorhome, for the kind of places I like to go.

Ed said...

Although I30 does not have a frontage road it is not that difficult to find a route through Little Rock on city streets.
Interstate highways are NOT a place for bicyclist and as a long time rider I would avoid them like the plague. I still do even when in a motor vehicle.