Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fulltime RV Family

This is great! This family is living the RV life, full time. They are a wonderful example of what this site is all about. Man, just think of the memories those kids are gonna grow up with!

Let's delve a little further into this family. An anonymous visitor commented that "this is easy when you have a million-dollar stock option". My first thought was, OK, if that is true, it would indeed make it easy, but it wouldn't make it possible. It's possible, regardless of ones level of income, to live fulltime on the road, as can be attested by several fulltime vandwellers and RVers who frequent this site. Even if all you can afford is a $500 beat-up old van and enough gas to get someplace where you can work a temp job for a few days to re-fund before moving on to the next horizon. After all, even the relatively upscale form of the lifestyle this family was living at the time the video was produced, only cost them about $2000 per month; and the RV was 10 years old when they bought it, so that kept startup costs reasonable.

My next step was to find their webpage and learn more about them. I never saw any mention of exactly how much money they had (not that it matters), but it did detail how they pretty much started on a shoestring in the early '90s and worked for about a decade, saving and investing as much as they could. In other words, they did the right things and made some good decisions, and in 10 short years they were in a position to take full control of their own lives and basically retire while still young. That sure doesn't sound to me like somebody else funded their lives so they could become "irresponsible vagabonds". In fact, it makes me like them even more.
This whole story reminds me of a really great book I bought about a year ago, called Retirement on a Shoestring; linked here:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast. Of course it helps that he had a million dollar stock option to fund it. Take that away and I'll be the news story would have been a little different.

Degs said...

Hey there possumliving et al... found your site from stats at barenakedfamily.com. This is Greg from bnf. ABC got the stock option a little skewed ~ we had a $2M option that was 'not' vested... we walked away from it all. Had to, for us (hindsight shows it would've done very little anyway). Our 'investments' were three houses we sold only banking us about a year off with some left for starting a biz at the end. That was the plan. After 6 years on the road and still going when interviewed, Berman says 'they pick up odd jobs and live off their dwindling savings'. More accurate... Savings from Dell was gone by mid '03 and odd jobs net us enough to only work about half the year. Our'92 Winnebago was purchased the year before we left and we towed a $1500 '74 VW Thing. The RV we're filmed in is a friends, long story probably out there somewhere on our Sep / Oct '06 story. We're currently in our hometown living content as five with a dog and cat in a 2/1 500 square foot duplex that feels like a freakin' mansion after 7 years in a 37' x 8' RV. We're content with our life and that's the point. Possumliving... appreciate your comments. Gonna read some more of your blog now.
-Greg (barenakedfamily)
barenakedfamily at yahoo dot com

Tracy said...

Thanks for your comments, Greg. Best to you and your family.