Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cheap Desert Homesteading

Phil Garlington is a former newspaper reporter who got tired of the daily grind of working at a "normal" job. When he got fired from his last job, he decided to drop out of the whole scene. Phil had a small patch of worthless desert land he had bought for next to nothing a few years prior, and decided to try his hand at living there.
By his own admission, Phil was a klutz with no real hands-on skills. Still, he managed to build a desert hogan out of sandbags and salvaged materials to create an austere homestead on his land. In his book "Rancho Costa Nada," Phil details how he lives on next to nothing. The descriptions of other desert denizens in Phil's vicinity are worth the price of the book in entertainment value alone, and the practical advice is invaluable to anyone who wishes to be prepared for hard times.


Anonymous said...

I bought that same book from Loompanics way back - a kick a$$ book, funny as hell, and he had some great tips and ideas on living on next to nothing. Good read.

JNW said...

Looks like a good book, thanks!