Monday, April 16, 2012

Diesel Generator Engine

This is a video of me hand-crank starting my generator engine, before I connected the generator head to it. This Changfa S195 is so easy to hand start, there is little reason to use the electric starter. My S1100 (larger version of the same engine) is the same way. My air-cooled 10 hp diesel on the other hand wears me out even if I use the glow plug, so battery start is almost mandatory on it. The "2 by 4 brake horsepower" test is not a recommended way to load the engine, by the way, because it could theoretically cause the flywheel to shatter due to rapid heat buildup. I think that would only happen if there were already a flaw in the flywheel, but I still don't recommend it. It is a good idea to put some kind of load on any diesel engine though, especially a new one that is not yet broken in, to help seat the rings. If you run a new diesel too long without a load, it can create a glaze on the cylinder walls and start using oil. In Alaska where many people rely on diesel generators for their home power, a generator will occasionally lose power and start using a lot of oil. So the owner has to haul it to the shop for service. "Service" typically means running it into a load bank that is near 100% of its capacity, for about a week. That usually solves the problem. BTW, the revolver is a stainless Ruger Single Six with the .22 Magnum cylinder in place. We have copperheads and timber rattlers around here. Besides that, small engines and guns go hand in hand. They're both about freedom and self-sufficiency, and the government wants to ban both of them. You can see more of this engine here, here and here.

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Sweet little engine.