Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lakotah Unilateral Withdrawal from All Treaties

This Declaration was filed December 17, 2007:

We as the freedom loving Lakotah People are the predecessor sovereign of Dakota Territory as evidenced by the
Treaties with the United States Government, including, but not limited to, the Treaty of 1851 and the Treaty of 1868
at Fort Laramie.
Lakotah, formally and unilaterally withdraws from all agreements and treaties imposed by the United States
Government on the Lakotah People.
Lakotah , and the population therein, have waited for at least 155 years for the United States of America to adhere to
the provisions of the above referenced treaties. The continuing violations of these treaties’ terms have resulted in the
near annihilation of our people physically, spiritually, and culturally.
Lakotah rejects United States Termination By Appropriation policy from 1871 to the present.
In addition, the evidence of gross violations of the above referenced treaties are listed herein.
Lakotah encourages the United States of America, through its Government ,to enter into dialogue with Lakotah
regarding the boundaries, the land and the resources therein. Please contact the Lakotah Interests Section, Naomi
Archer, at (828) 230-1404 or
Should the United States and its subordinate governments choose not to act in good faith concerning the rebirth of
our nation, we hereby advise the United States Government that Lakotah will begin to administer liens against real
estate transactions within the five state area of Lakotah.
Lakotah, through its government, appointed the following representatives to withdraw from all the treaties with the
United States of America based on the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties entered into force in 1980 and the
U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007:

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