Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tim Anderson Heads for Cuba in a Canoe

What definitely was going went in first, which meant that the stuff I needed most would be least accessible. I was expecting to camp on land at least once to sort and repack before the crossing. Locals stopped and offered help and advice. They were worried about "the guy sailing to cuba in a canoe." "Why are you doing this?" was the main question. I tried various answers. They weren't satisfied. "My girlfriend and I broke up and then..." I said. And they'd say "Oh. Now it makes sense," and seemed relieved. That's how guys end up in the keys. Sometimes my visitors spent a long time talking to me or inviting me one place or another. It's a slow-paced very relaxed place. Sometimes I got the feeling they were trying to prolong my life by delaying me a bit.

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Tim Anderson is one of my heroes. This man defines what "possum living" means to me. He is all over Instructables and Makezine, and he is like a rock star to the DIY culture. This article will take some time to read, but it is well worth the time. I suggest reading it during "relax" time, so as to garner the maximum enjoyment from it. If you read this while you are at work, you may get an irresistible urge to get up and walk out.

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