Friday, April 4, 2008

Adventure in Baja

"I shut off the engine, and it was as silent as a tomb, except for those huge buzzing wasp thingies. We couldn't say a word---it was unbelievably hot, the flies were out, there was no shade, and we were 40 miles from anything. The best we could do was to get something cold from the ice chest, set up the beach chairs in the 6 inches of shade by the side of the car, drape wet rags over our heads, and brush away the flies.
We really expected that someone would come along. This was a pretty well-travelled dirt road. We knew that there was a fish camp ahead (abandoned, as it turned out), and San Francisquito always had a few visitors. After about three lonely hours , we figured that we at least ought to attempt some sort of fix. We took inventory: We had three flats, but two of the tires seemed to be okay. We had a tire patch kit, and a spare tube."

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I first read this account a few years ago, when I was looking at a decent-condition VW bus for $500 (Alas, I passed it up (kicking self)) and was searching for anything I could find about how offroad-capable they might be; because what I wanted it for was camping and I like places that are off the beaten path.
Anyway, it was a pretty interesting story, and seeing this video posted at Urban Vandweller reminded me of it.

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