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How to Survive a Super Comet Hitting Earth

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Many comets come to earth, and while most of them end up being burned in the atmosphere. There is always a chance that the big one will come. And thanks to movies like Deep Impact, awareness has increased. Here is what to expect and how to survive.


  1. (About one year to six months before impact.) Listen To The Media. Ask yourself how big the comet will be. If it reaches over 4 Miles in diameter consider it as a definite threat. Find out where the comet will most likely strike. Find out if the government has tried to stop the comet and if so, has the attempt failed?
  2. (About one year to six months before impact) Consult the government. If they are willing to build an EEV (Earth Evacuation Vehicle) then life will be easier. Plans for such an EEV are already planned at NASA, in the case of an abrupt emergency.
  3. (About one year to six months before impact.) Stock Up. Buy foods, drinks, and maybe even weapons. Be warned, this will be one of the times that total civil unrest can occur in the hurries for food and supplies. You may need to defend yourself. In the case of an EEV learn to use a greenhouse and get a major in hydroponics. You may need to learn how to do that to survive on your own in the icy cold of Mars. Also; learn how to build your own underground shelter. Learn to use a space suit. Generally just become a giant science nerd because knowledge is what you will need to survive.
  4. (About one year to six months before impact.) When and Where? Thanks to new technology scientists can predict time of impact and even approx. location of impact, If reports state that the comet will strike near where you live you must evacuate. Depending on the comet's size, everything within a 250-2750 mile radius could be affected. Consider evacuation quickly.
  5. (Three months before impact.) Find Shelter or Evacuate Completely. Look around in your town for a shelter, underground shelters are best suited since they will survive most of the aftermath the comet brings. If you are too close to the impact point evacuate using the least used evacuation style. Using your car probably won't work. Just walk or bike to the nearest airport.
  6. (One month before impact.) Bring Supplies, Possessions, and Weapons. Don't think that after the comet impact you can go home, as the comet can have aftermath effects than can damage the world. Bring any healthy food, drinks, MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) all the possessions you hold dear to you (pets, pictures, etc), LED flashlights, hammers, hand cranked Generators, Swiss Army knives and a normal knife. Launch the EEV and set a course that is away from the comet or Earth's debris. Do not land on the moon as planetary material may destroy your materials.
  7. (A few days before impact.) Take Complete Shelter (Preferably Underground) and Back Down EVERYTHING! Don't even think about going outside as the comet approaches. Don't let your pets or anything outside either.
  8. (Obvious) IMPACT! At the point of impact a EMPW (Electromagnetic Pulse Wave) will surge across the world and temporarily disable everything electronic. Use the crank generator and an electrical cord to fix that. The impact will trigger increased seismic activity and Magnitude 4-9 earthquakes will occur all over the world. At the same time, get away from any volcanoes in the general area. The impact will increase lava pressure underground due to the massive amount of force rippling through the Earth, thus forcing dormant volcanoes to erupt.
  9. (From one day to approximately 4 1/2 years after impact.) Global Aftermath. Temperatures will soar to far above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Tsunamis are coming now, and they will stop only at about 25-150 miles inland. Eventually the massive amount of rock the comet blasted off will fall across the Earth as a devastating fire-rain, possibly rubble-ising most of man's great works. Next comes the worst part, Global Ice Age. The Sun will be blocked out due to the high levels of ash and dissolved rock particles for months or maybe years. Be prepared to go from living to simply existing for a while. Did I mention total anarchy and civil unrest during some of this part? This is the main step you'll use weapons.
  10. (4 1/2 years after impact-varies depending upon your current location.) Destination: Mediterranean. As soon as the temperatures start to increase find a way to get to the Mediterranean or any place that has warmth, is tropical, or is untainted nor corrupted by the malicious wrath of the comet. You may consider using a boat but use something that isn't likely to sink in the increased winds.
  11. (Varies-the rest of your life.) Enter: Regeneration Saga. Once you reach the Mediterranean be prepared to start life anew. Slowly the earth will come back to life again. You might notice new species of animals and plants. Rejoice the fact that you've survived something that's similar to what wiped out an entire generation of earthbound life we call the dinosaurs.


  • Underground shelters are better at protecting you from the impact and aftermath of the comet, up to a certain extent.
  • Keep family and friends together, and salvage as many survivors as possible during Step 9.
  • Look for army bases with underground bunkers.
  • Have a blanket with a foil top to reflect heat.
  • Always carry a light or anything that can be used to set a fire for warmth
  • for added protection and if you get lucky stock up on military weapons as theres gonna be a lot of riots, vandalism, etc. if you have a friend thats from the army he might be able to help you out and if not then your on your own!


  • Electronics will most likely be disabled by the fact that an electrical wave will be created by the comet, plan accordingly or get a manually cranked generator and an electrical cord.
  • The likeliness that every person you've ever known who's friend or family will survive is-no matter where you live- 35.56% likely. Be prepared for losses.

Things You'll Need

  • Flashlight, candle or lighter
  • Warm Clothes
  • Water
  • Food
  • 1 month Dry food supply containers ($100 at COSTCO) (1 Mo per person per 23 lb container) X # persons X 12 per month X 7 Years (Biblical formula to survive famines)
  • LOTS of Water
  • 1 Rifle per person plus 1000 rounds of ammunition
  • Axe
  • Tip: Remove batteries in automobiles 1 hour before impact. Reinstall after impact and EMP have passed.
  • EVERYTHING needs to be underground
  • In space you will need to have necessary materials and knowledge on how to build and survive on a planetary base or space station.

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