Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Overheard on the Lister Group

Peter's friend personifies the term 'possum living. The picture is of the type of engine he is talking about, but with the "light farm wheels". I posted his comments as-is with no editing, as I feel it adds character.

"Hi all, My pals engine is a Lister 6-1, it's from about 1950/60 it has
the generator big heavy wheel on(not the light farm wheels) He had a
Honda genny that went up in smoke but the alt was ok. He wants to have
it sorted for the winter coming,(the speed that he doze thing, he needs
to start now)he has not money and lives off the mains in a cabin in the
UK. Don't feel sorry for his, hee no bills, not phone, not wife &
kids,what he doze have is homemade wine, funny smelling tobacca and a
fat dog that will not shift its arse from the woodburning stove. And I
ask myself who has it wrong,
My pal is not a hobo but someone that sick of being shafted by the gas
co, electricity co, water co and the government.
I'll be going to see him today with his milk, cheers"

Peter Hynman

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